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Whether you’re worried about the possibility of a natural disaster or a disgruntled employee tampering with your data, IXN has you covered.

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IXN Vault™

IXN offers a full range of options from offsite backup and recovery to replication and high-availability solutions to keep your business running in the event of a disaster. Our Active Recovery Suite provides a much more robust File Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that allows for more granular control and management of the type and schedule of your backed up data.

Our disaster recovery specialists start by understanding your applications, environment, and recovery goals. If you don’t have a disaster recovery strategy yet, we can help you create your own plan for the servers you host within IXN or your own on-premise systems.

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Keep it safe!


Replication involves storing your data at a different location. The benefits are increased availability & a quicker recovery then offsite backup alone.

Data Archiving

With Recovery Data Archiving, we can maintain periodic copies of your data for the long haul. For instance, we can maintain a copy of what your server looked like at the start of every week, every month, every quarter, or every year.

File-Level Offsite Backups

How often would you like to have a restore point created? Typically, clients choose to have their server backed up nightly, thus allowing a restore to the previous night if a major error were to occur.

Disaster Recovery Procedures

Are you ready to maintain operations in the event of a disaster? We can take care of your standard procedures.

Vulnerability Suite

What happens if there is a threat to your system or database. Our Active Recovery Suite is equip with a SIEM, virus protection, access controls, etc.

Services Recovery

In the event of a disaster, how much recent work would you be willing to lose?

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