CAREWare Services

CAREWare is freeware developed by jProg and funded through the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). First released in 2000, CAREWare is an application designed to handle health information and it generates reports tailored to the needs of Ryan White Program grant recipients.

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How IXN Improves CAREWare

Cloud Hosting

Users have remote access and are not faced with installation, configuration, or updates, which saves time, money, and hassles.


Simplify your reporting to HRSA by connecting your health records to CAREWare. Save time and optimize your processes with an integrated solution.

Operational Support

Our team can help you implement CAREWare.

Managed Services

Our team provides technical support and manages the servers and CAREWare database systems with the highest regard for privacy.

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Let us handle the obstacles so you can succeed! Here is an example of the Summary Demographics Report, which is similar to HRSA's Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services Report (RSR

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CAREWare Operations Support Services

CAREWare Management

To provide a high-quality managed server, COSS is staffed by an experienced CAREWare Administrator

System Management

Testing server operating systems to ensure updates are safe

Data Protection

24-7-365 disaster recovery services & data backup

Compliance & Security

Compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and any other standards whenever Protected Health Information (PHI) is hosted.

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Load data in no Time

Load data into CAREWare automatically from EHR, Medicaid, PBMs and Surveillance data (eHARS) systems. We can help you automate data interfaces to provide current data in CAREWare, save time, and improve care. Interested?

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