Managing for compliance

If your system needs to be compliant with one of the following standards, contact us and we can review your needs in developing a compliant hosting solution: HIPAA, PCI, DOD, SAS70 & SAAE 16.

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Compliance with data management standards is a moving target.

IXN’s managed services are committed toward adherence to evolving standards. We work closely with our clients to achieve compliance and certification of systems, including compliance with state, federal, and international standards and regulations. IXN’s world-class data centers manage systems with a variety of sensitive and confidential data and our team is prepared to help you achieve compliance.® breach notification is available for hosted systems managed by IXN.

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The Road to Compliance

During the planning phase, we will define the necessary scope and objectives of the project as well as the standards for which compliance needs to be achieved.

The auditing phase concentrates on determining the current compliance status within the scope identified previously. It is during this phase that we will note the most significant areas of work to achieve compliance in the desired standard.

Upon completion of our audit, we will summarize the findings, present budgets and provide recommendations to apply the appropriate corrections in order to become compliant.

Finally, after all corrections are concluded we will reassess the processes, standards, practices, etc., to ensure compliance is achieved within the scope identified previously.

Overwhelmed with HIPAA compliance?

You’re not alone. Let IXN take care of your hosting needs on a HIPAA compliant environment.

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